ISONE requires a username and password to collect data. You can register for an ISONE account here (

Then, set your usernames and passwords as environment variables:

export ISONE_USERNAME=myusername1 export ISONE_PASSWORD=mysecret1

The EU (ENTSOe) REST API requires a security token. You must first sign up for an account and then get your security token from here ( To use the token set as an environment variable as follows:


The EIA API requires an API key. You can apply for a key here ( To use the key, set an environment variable as follows:

export EIA_KEY=my-eia-api-key

All other ISOs allow unauthenticated users to collect data, so no other credentials are needed.

Logging and debug

By default, logging occurs at the INFO level. If you want to change this, you can set the LOG_LEVEL environment variable to the integer associated with the desired log level. For instance, ERROR is 40 and DEBUG is 10.

You can also turn on DEBUG level logging by setting the DEBUG environment variable to a truthy value. This setting will additionally enable caching during testing, which will significantly speed up the test suite.