Pyiso provides Python client libraries for ISO and other power grid data sources. It powers the WattTime Impact API, among other things.

What’s an ISO?

Electricity markets are operated by “balancing authorities,” which manage supply and demand for a given service area. The bigger balancing authorities, called Independent Services Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations (ISOs/RTOs, or simply ISOs), together cover about 2/3 of US electricity consumers.

ISOs are required to provide real-time data about electricity market operations, but choose to do so in a wide variety of unstandardized, inconvenient formats. Some smaller balancing authorities provide data too.

What’s included

Pyiso makes it easier to collect data from ISOs and other balancing authorities by providing a uniform Python interface to each data stream. See the Usage page for instructions on how to get started.

Specifically, here are the included balancing authorities and their respective data sources:

For European data, you also need to specify a “control area”. The available control areas are:

control area abbrev. control area country/provider
AL Albania
AT Austria
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
BE Belgium
BG Bulgaria
CH Switzerland
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic
DE(50HzT) Germany (50 HzT)
DE(Amprion) Germany (Amprion)
DE(TenneT GER) Germany (TenneT)
DE(TransnetBW) Germany (Transnet)
DK Denmark
EE Estonia
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GR Greece
HR Croatia
HU Hungary
IE Ireland
IT Italy
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
LV Latvia
MD Moldavia
ME Montenegro
MK Macedonia
MT Malta
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
National Grid UK (National Grid)
PL Poland
PL-CZ Czech Republic/Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
RS Serbia
RU Russia
RU-KGD Russia (KGD)
SE Sweden
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia
TR Turkey
UA Ukraine
UA-WEPS Ukraine (WEPS)